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Skin Type: Sensitive Skin

Hello my beautiful Sensitive Skin types!  Lets chat a bit about you and oh, you again lol! If you clicked on the Sensitive Skin Type you most likely have some redness to the skin and probably pretty reactive to what you use!  One of those reasons being that sensitive skin has a lot of inflammation going on under the surface which creates the itchiness and dryness you may experience.

Being very cautious of what you're using is so important because of the skin already being vulnerable. Here is a list of DO NOT’S for your skin type.

  • DO NOT exfoliate your skin unless you have spoken to your esthetician. 

  • DO NOT use any clay based masks.

  • DO NOT use any gel cleansers.

  • DO NOT jump into a lot of new products at once. 

  • DO NOT use hot water on your skin.

Once you gain the knowledge to care for your skin type it will get healthier and feel so much better! Here is a list of TO DO’S for your skin type.

  • DO moisturize your skin TWICE a day.

  • DO use Organic products to lower your sensitivity reactions.

  • DO use hydrating toners to continuously increase the moisture in your skin.

  • DO use cold therapy like jade rollers and ice globes at home.

  • DO get Facials every 4 weeks to help maintain your skin care goals!

  • DO integrate a journal to note what your skin likes and what it doesn’t. 

  • DO SMILE today!


Show your skin some love! Éminence Organics offers a full line of skin care products for every skin type.

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