Skin Type: Normal Skin

Nice to meet you here my Notable Normal Skin Type!  You are the easiest of all the skin types. Not to oily, not to dry, but just right. Your skin type can jump into different exfoliants well and respond positively to new products (normally).


My focus for you would be this…what would you like to target with your skin?  Would you like to brighten your skin, lighten up any sun damage or scarring or help with fine lines and wrinkles?


Here are some DO and DO NOT'S for your skin type.

  • DO be consistent with your skin care routine.

  • DO get Facials every 4-6 weeks.

  • DO share your skin care goals with your Esthetician.

  • DO NOT take your normal skin type for granted.

  • DO NOT forget to SMILE today!


Show your skin some love! Éminence Organics offers a full line of skin care products for every skin type.

Recommended Products for Your Skin Type

Stone Crop

Gel Wash


Strawberry Rhubarb



Citrus + Kale Potent

C + E Serum


Apricot Whip