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Skin Type: Mature Pigmentation Skin

Welcome my Majestic Mature/Pigmentation Skin Types!  Just because the word “mature” is starting this skin type does not mean your skin can’t be AS beautiful now as it was years ago!  You just need to work a bit harder to achieve the goals you want to see.  You’re probably looking at the dark spots on your skin and the lines that are now creeping in and the tone of your skin feeling a bit drab too?!   Let’s start with the hardest part..the dark spots. Most of those dark spots happened with sun damage when you were a teenager. The damage to the skin caused by the sun is pretty remarkable and typically comes out with age and hormones. Serums and liquid exfoliants help to lighten these unwanted spots but you really need to be patient and consistent!  Remember these spots didn’t happen overnight and so this process will take time.  Moving on…do you want your skin to glow again?!  Exfoliation and hydration is key with this!  So as we age the process of shedding the dead skin cells on the Epidermis slows down and we gain layers of dead skin cells on the outer layer, which causes the dull and drab look to the skin. You need to be exfoliating 2-3 times weekly. Why waste all your money on skin care products to just put it on dead skin cells?!  Lastly hydration. Think of hydration as your “best friend”, because of the fact that when your skin is properly hydrated your lines and wrinkles will look less apparent and you skin health will be at it’s optimum health!  That’s a win-win!


Here are some DO and DO NOT’S.

  • DO exfoliate with ingredients that target the dark spots and aging.

  • DO use serums that have Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid.

  • DO use hydrating toners.

  • DO get Facials every 4 weeks.

  • DO use an SPF daily.

  • DO use a night time moisturizer.

  • DO use a masque for aging and brightening goals.


  • DO NOT over exfoliate your skin.

  • DO NOT forget to SMILE today!


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