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Skin Type: Dehydrated Skin

So lovely meeting you here my darling Dehydrated Skin types!  I know your type and can help get your skin up to par and ready to GLOW! Let me guess your skin looks drab and feels like that once healthy skin tone will never be back again?! I will get you back on track. You will need to be careful though because your skin barrier is comprised due to the lack of moisture. So lots of moisture loving ingredients and no exfoliation for 4 weeks. Let's get into the DO’s and DO NOT’s of your skin type.


  • DO use a creamy cleanser twice a day.

  • DO use a day and night moisturizer.

  • DO use the C&E oil, or facial recovery oil along with your moisturizer.

  • DO use products with hyaluronic acid in them(they are water loving molecules).

  • DO be very consistent with your regimen.

  • DO get Facials every 4 weeks to start.


  • DO NOT use any exfoliation on your skin for 4 weeks until your hydration level increases.

  • DO NOT use any retinoids or vitamin A derived products until your skin is healthier.

  • DO NOT use hot water on your skin. 

  • DO NOT forget to SMILE!


Show your skin some love! Éminence Organics offers a full line of skin care products for every skin type.

Recommended Products for Your Skin Type

Coconut Milk



Stone Crop

Hydrating Mist


Facial Recovery Oil


Linden Calendula


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